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Tribeca Loft

Project Type

Modern Home


Spring 2013


N Moore St, Tribeca, NY


"We re-proportioned the [loft], celebrating the north-south axis but also creating intimate spaces within the larger volume."
Joan Krevlin, partner-in-charge

This two-story loft atop a former refrigerator facility in Tribeca was designed for an Upper East Side couple transitioning to an empty-nest downtown lifestyle. The project team was tasked with the challenge of preserving the spaciousness of an undivided loft and its breath-taking panoramic city views while creating areas of privacy and containment. Floating volumes, kept away from the building’s periphery, add intimacy and warmth. A luminescent staircase, the defining feature of the main living area as well as the first thing one sees upon entering the loft, connects the lower level to a new master suite and outdoor terrace above.

Ayesha Khan, “Tribeca Evolution,” Interiors, April/May, 2014.

Andrea Robinson/ASR Studios – interior design consultant; Taconic Builders – general contractor; Tillotson Design Associates – lighting designer

Photos by Scott Frances