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We Po-st. Coined by the scholar Edward de Bono, the word “po” is a way to signal during a brainstorming session that what is to follow is not nonsense but rather a provocative operation.
February 22, 2017

The University of Virginia: Industry Expert Discussion

UVA industry insights image upload

We believe it’s important to inspire the next generation of architects. Julie Nelson recently joined her alma mater as a guest on their Career Center’s Industry Expert webcast, along with fellow alumnus, Jeffrey Murphy of Murphy Burnham & Buttrick. The series is aimed at providing students with real world advice from practicing professionals in their field of expertise. Below is a sneak peek into the conversation, the full webcast can be viewed here.

UVA: Why did you choose a career in this industry?
Julie: I chose this career as a chance to do something creative and tangible (and a love of cities and the built environment).

UVA: What can students do to prepare for their first year of experience?
Julie: It’s important to gather a broad range of experience early on: construction, technology, design and collaboration. Try as many things as you can, especially when you’re young…ask questions and try it all.  Tap into the collaborative ethos of architecture.

For more information about having BKSK involved with your school or organization, please email bkskinfo@bksk.com.
(pictured above, Convent of the Sacred Heart Athletics & Wellness Center, a building that serves as a living “teaching tool”).


October 13, 2016

CCNY Women in Design: Career Night at BKSK

CCNY WID_lh postLast week, students from the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at City College joined us at BKSK for a discussion about the presence and influence of women in design and architecture. The conversation was facilitated by Julie Nelson, Joan Krevlin, Jennifer Preston and several other staff members who shared stories about their career trajectory, their inspiration, challenges and just some good practical advice for students with real questions about their future in the profession. The conversation evolved into an open dialogue where students and staff alike opened up for an exchange of knowledge and insight both in the aspirational and practical sense.

For information about future Career Nights at BKSK, please email bkskinfo@bksk.com.


October 10, 2016

Architecture as Advocacy: A tour of QBG’s Visitor & Administration Center

QBG_Water image v2The Queens Botanical Garden Visitor & Administration Center will be featured as part of this weekend’s Open House New York. The first publicly-funded building in the city to achieve LEED Platinum certification, this 16,000 sf center is a built extension of the Garden’s mission: to demonstrate environmental stewardship while celebrating the cultural connections between people and plants.

“BKSK Architects used wit and seduction to advocate green architecture, rather than just demonstrate it. It will be a must-see among aficionados of green buildings. But by any definition, it is a terrific gift to the Queens community and all of New York City.” Scott Stefan, Queens Botanical Garden


October 15th at 12pm and 1:30 pm. Advance registration is required.  http://bit.ly/2dG9ZXY

October 7, 2016

Reflections on BKSK’s Inaugural Research Fellowship

Fellowship_01The BKSK fellowship program invited an inquisitive, engaged and ambitious student from NYC’s City College to examine the fundamentals of how the built environment impacts the human condition. The goal of the fellowship is to offer a true sense of what it means to work in an architectural office environment and how visionary research can translate into practice.

Of several applicants, Katherine Serrano was selected to join our team and further investigate a topic of interest that was framed with two requirements; that it include environmentally responsible design at the urban scale. Included below is a portion of her submission outlining her research framework:

An inquiry into biophilic design in an urban context is pressing, as it requires theorizing the concept at the intersection of nature, technology, and culture. In undertaking my study, I will identify what biophilic design patterns are most beneficial in urban settings, while developing my own interpretation of the meaning of biophilic design, as it relates to the urban realm. My main objective is to develop a booklet to convey my findings based on the following questions that I will research and answer during the period of the fellowship: Read more

December 17, 2015

Julie Nelson to present at NCGS Forum with Sacred Heart


On February 8th, Julie Nelson will present at the NCGS 2016 Global Forum on Girls’ Education with Aubree Stephens, a Convent of the Sacred Heart Upper School Science Teacher and an existing collaborator of Julie’s. Their session, “Drafting the Future: Students and Architects Designing in Tandem,” will give participants an insider’s look at the “Introduction to Engineering” course at NYC’s all-female Convent of the Sacred Heart. This year, that course included hands-on learning with Julie, a key partner of the female-led team responsible for Sacred Heart’s new Athletics & Wellness Center.

By framing buildings (including school buildings) as teaching tools, educators can meaningfully expand the portfolio of approaches that they use in the classroom. Julie and Aubree’s session at the Global Forum will illustrate how education and architecture professionals can effectively collaborate in this process, thereby fostering interdisciplinary learning, integrating emerging technologies, and instilling a sense of global citizenship, all while keeping students engaged. For educators whose institutions are planning new buildings, this collaboration can also ensure that excitement about the investment continues beyond a building’s ribbon cutting. Participants will leave the session with clear ideas for hands-on design challenges that also demonstrate opportunities for women in the building industry, possibly even in a student’s own backyard.

More information on the Global Forum is available here, including details about registration.

August 18, 2015

Five leading-edge insights into today’s educational spaces

Young learners get hands-on at the New York Hall of Science.

Young learners get hands-on at the New York Hall of Science.

Every day, the boundaries of education are becoming more permeable. Learning is increasingly understood as an active and ongoing process that continues past the school bell, beyond the classroom walls, and into un-planned areas of our lives. The best contemporary learning environments embrace this shift, setting the framework for ever greater educational possibilities. Below, we share five insights that are helping our teams design leading-edge environments for today’s learners. Read more

August 14, 2015

Tour the Queens Botanical Garden on “Archtober” 4th

Queens Botanical Garden, Visitor Center and Administration Building, Flushing, New York, BKSK Architects

We’re delighted to share that the BKSK-designed Visitor and Administration Center of the Queens Botanical Garden has been selected as an Archtober “Building of the Day.” The first publicly-funded building in the city to achieve LEED Platinum certification, this 16,000 sf center was conceived as a complement to the natural landscape — not an overt destination in itself, but a backdrop to the garden’s rich topography, flora, fauna, and ongoing seasonal changes.

Sign up today to learn the many lessons that this building has to offer, both architecturally and environmentally, from BKSK’s Joan Krevlin and QBG’s Patty Kleinberg.

January 30, 2015

New athletics center is both teaching tool and teaching topic

Julie Nelson discusses the new Athletic & Wellness Center with its most discerning users: engineering students from Sacred Heart’s upper school.

Julie Nelson discusses the new Athletic & Wellness Center with its most discerning users: engineering students from Sacred Heart’s upper school.

From the beginning, the design team behind the Convent of the Sacred Heart’s new Athletics & Wellness Center was committed to supporting the institution’s overarching goal of inspiring environmental stewardship in their K-12 student body. That commitment has resulted in a state-of-the-art facility that also acts as a teaching tool. From the solar hot water system’s accessible array of evacuated tube collectors to the lobby’s forthcoming digital display of real-time environmental performance data, learning opportunities abound in the new center. Read more

April 14, 2014

BKSK opens its doors to the public with Open House New York

Wil Rodriguez discusses curtain wall design with a visitor.

Wil Rodriguez discusses curtain wall design with a visitor.

Saturday at the office? Typically it’s not a prospect anyone would relish, but this past Saturday was no ordinary weekend at the office. BKSK was one of 15 firms that participated in openstudios, an ongoing series by Open House New York that celebrates the architecture community and the neighborhoods around the city that are major hubs of creativity and innovation. openstudios Flatiron District was a chance for the public to go inside the studios and offices of some of the city’s leading architects, designers, and engineers, in order to learn about the building industry and about what’s currently on the boards for New York’s built environment. Read more