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We did not design the Empire State Building—though for almost three decades we have admired it from our office windows. It reminds us, as do many more humble buildings around us, of the traditions and ambitions we channel in our work.

The image at right is catchy, fun… and meant as critique. Yes, the partners are perched on an I-beam, evoking a Howard Roark/Robert Moses moment. Yet, we stand together as six collaborative architects. Supported not just by steel but by 40+ talented associates and staff. We do not seek recognition as individual masters, but as a collective with deep experience, uncommon intelligence, and a commitment to quality.


Our Specialties

We are specialists in socially-engaged, contextually-appropriate and environmentally-conscious design. Our practice has taught us that in the civic realm, we play an important role—not only as architects, but as advocates for the building initiative.


Our Philosophy

Great design has meaning and consequence. What we build, how we build it, and how it comes to be used matters.
This belief both binds us together and inspires us to embrace a breadth of expression. We do not have a singular signature architectural style, nor do we approach a project with a pre-determined agenda.


 Our Commitment

We believe architecture that expresses its mission—that has the ability to inspire a community and evoke the spirit of a place—to be the product of a shared creative vision. A fundamental aspect of BKSK’s character and project approach is our deep commitment to the collaborative process, and to understanding the mission and architectural goals of our clients.

Our Methodology



Our firm fosters a richly collaborative working environment where multiple viewpoints and related disciplines are layered into their design work. Our working method involves an integrative design strategy that engages multi-constituent clients, stakeholder committees, and a full range of specialty consultants to understand the project’s overarching goals. We direct a design process that promotes a sense of shared authorship.



We seek an integrated approach to environmental sustainability that sets clear initial goals and allows architectural ideas to emerge as a response. Our firm-wide collective knowledge is fueled by a robust in-house research arm which balances project-derived data with ever-changing industry standards. Furthermore, our numerous on-going collaborations with outside experts enrich our understanding of the issues at hand and ultimately inform our design decisions.

Queens Botanical Garden Visitor Center and Administration Building, BKSK Architects/Construction Photo


It’s our shared conviction that beauty and sustainability are entwined. Architecture that delights the senses, that enriches the context, that fosters pride and stewardship, is inherently sustainable, all metrics aside. For us, beauty is in the details—the way light enters a space, how a surface feels upon touch, how the presence of water honors a culture. Such details are the fruit of listening carefully to our clients.



Our ability to create architecture with integrity has touched all five boroughs, the wider region, other areas of the country, and even a remote African village. We are attuned to the impact of our projects, on the environment and on our cultural heritage. We strive to follow the camping maxim “always leave a place better than you found it.”