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http://www.bkskarch.com/post/constructing-in-senegal/ Constructing in Senegal: a Photo Tour

A view of Dakar, where our local partners DMT Architects are based.

After their most recent visit to Senegal – where we are building a new community learning center in collaboration with village leaders, local craftsmen, and a group of enthusiastic students from Mamaroneck, NY – our Lambaye Learning Center team came home with some amazing stories and photos. One particularly inspiring takeaway was that construction processes in Senegal are highly visible to the public. After the jump, we share some photos illustrating this unique transparency, including a look at local building methods. (more…)

http://www.bkskarch.com/post/drawing-connections-to-the-worlds-fair-site/ Drawing connections to the 1964/65 World’s Fair site

The new 10,000 s.f. annex to NYC Parks Department’s Olmsted Center in Flushing Meadows. The building is targeting LEED Gold certification.

Our team is currently putting the finishing touches on the new 10,000 square foot annex to Olmsted Center at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. The milestone marks the close of the first of two phases on this project, which includes the renovation and expansion of the home for the  Capital Projects Division of the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. Timing-wise, there is also another reason to celebrate: this year is the 50th anniversary of the 1964/1965 New York World’s Fair, for which Olmsted Center was originally built, in order to support fair operations. In pausing to admire our team’s work, we can’t help but notice some interesting parallels between the design goals of today and those of half a century ago. (more…)

http://www.bkskarch.com/post/beyond-manhattan-beyond-the-supersquare/ Beyond Manhattan / Beyond the Supersquare

“Beyond the Supersquare” runs through January 11, 2015 at the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

Earlier this week, our office was treated to a private tour of the Bronx Museum of Art’s new exhibition “Beyond the Supersquare” with Executive Director and co-curator Holly Block. The show includes dozens of works by contemporary artists responding to the distinctively Modernist architecture of Latin America and the Caribbean, from both complimentary and critical perspectives.  (more…)

http://www.bkskarch.com/post/new-architecture-inspired-by-a-historic-building-material/ New architecture inspired by a historic building material
A rendering of the entrance building to 1 Madison Park tower.

A rendering of the entrance building to 1 Madison Park tower.

New York has a rich architectural terra cotta heritage. This ceramic can be found on a plethora of historic buildings throughout the city, ranging from the iconic like Louis Sullivan’s Bayard-Condict Building and Cass Gilbert’s Woolworth Building to smaller-scale Queen Anne-style rowhouses in Park Slope and vibrantly glazed commercial structures along Coney Island Avenue. Of late, terra cotta has been experiencing a rebirth in contemporary architecture, including that of BKSK, thanks to the material’s inherent properties—specifically its malleability, infinite glazing options, environmental performance, and low toxicity.  (more…)

http://www.bkskarch.com/post/bksk-celebrates-the-washington-square-park-ribbon-cutting/ BKSK celebrates the Washington Square Park ribbon cutting

PS 41 students join public officials in cutting the ribbon on Washington Square Park’s major renovation.

On Tuesday, an impressive crowd gathered in Washington Square Park to cut the ribbon on a multi-year renovation project that preserved some of the park’s most historic features and provided important upgrades, including a new parkhouse designed by BKSK. Needless to say, we are very proud to have contributed to the revitalization of such a lively, public, and historic place. (more…)

http://www.bkskarch.com/post/learning-to-let-go-with-nature-at-living-future-2014/ Learning to let go with nature at Living Future 2014

At this year’s Living Future unConference, Jennifer Preston co-led a workshop that merged the built and the natural.

According to Jennifer Preston, one of the best things about the Living Future community is how hands-on everyone is. And the energy at their annual “unConference” is no different. Earlier this month, Jen collaboratively led an unConference workshop with Alexandra Ramsden and Ilana Judah, entitled “Creating the Exquisite through Natural Inspiration.” Below, she shares the details of the session and her biggest takeaways. (more…)

http://www.bkskarch.com/post/celebrating-active-design/ Celebrating Active Design and a healthier built environment

Joan Krevlin and Charles Azar, of the Sephardic Community Center, accept the project’s Active Design award.

This past Tuesday night, the team behind our Sephardic Community Center attended a hopping party in celebration of active design. The project, located on Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn, is one of four recipients of this year’s Active Design Award—and the only one located in New York City. (more…)

http://www.bkskarch.com/post/perform-illustrates-the-value-of-poetry-performance-and-idea-exchange/ The value of poetry, performance, and idea exchange

The PER/FORM competition brought together a range of diverse thinkers around the topic of sustainability.

Over the weekend, BKSK helped produce an exciting event: the culminating rounds of the PER/FORM Live Design Competition. While we played a key role throughout the competition, which also included an online challenge, the leadership of Jennifer Preston and James Wilson was especially tangible in the final day-long event. From the moderation of a group discussion with all of the competitors, to the real-time curation of a Dialogue Wall, Jen and James ensured that the day’s participants were all thoughtfully considering the future of sustainable design. (more…)

http://www.bkskarch.com/post/park-house-at-washington-square-proclaimed-a-hit/ The new Park House at Washington Square proclaimed a “hit”

Washington Sq Park House

Just ask noted architecture critic James Gardner, who recently paid a visit to our newly completed park house. In his review of Washington Square Park’s renovation for The Real Deal, “Washington Square Park redo a hit,” Gardner writes that “[o]ne of the best parts of the renovation is  a one-story structure, with a parabolic footprint, that interacts masterfully with its newly landscaped surroundings.” He continues by lauding our “sensitive use of modern architecture, with just a touch of contextualism” and noting how key choices regarding materials and form ensure the building’s integration into the park’s overall setting. (more…)

http://www.bkskarch.com/post/bksk-opens-its-doors-with-ohny/ BKSK opens its doors to the public with Open House New York

Wil Rodriguez discusses curtain wall design with a visitor.

Saturday at the office? Typically it’s not a prospect anyone would relish, but this past Saturday was no ordinary weekend at the office. BKSK was one of 15 firms that participated in openstudios, an ongoing series by Open House New York that celebrates the architecture community and the neighborhoods around the city that are major hubs of creativity and innovation. openstudios Flatiron District was a chance for the public to go inside the studios and offices of some of the city’s leading architects, designers, and engineers, in order to learn about the building industry and about what’s currently on the boards for New York’s built environment. (more…)