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We Po-st. Coined by the scholar Edward de Bono, the word “po” is a way to signal during a brainstorming session that what is to follow is not nonsense but rather a provocative operation.
December 20, 2016

Reasons to Love NY (& BKSK)

This past week, our newly-completed 529 Broadway was featured as #32 in New York Magazine‘s Reasons to Love New York. We have to say, we’re pretty excited about it, too.


529 Broadway is situated at the northwest corner of Broadway and Spring Street in Manhattan, one the most trafficked intersections in the SoHo Cast Iron Historic District. Tourists and locals both frequent the neighborhood for its architectural charm and large retail attractions. The two-story taxpayer building that most recently occupied this corner was one of the few substantial gaps in the street wall of lower Broadway. Recently-completed, 529 Broadway is six stories tall at the street wall, with a gross square footage of approximately 52,000. Read more

December 16, 2016

BKSK 2016 Promotions


We are delighted and honored to share with you the names, faces, and new titles of leadership at BKSK. Please join us in congratulating these hard-working individuals for their invaluable contributions to this firm and our projects and welcome them to their new leadership roles.