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We Po-st. Coined by the scholar Edward de Bono, the word “po” is a way to signal during a brainstorming session that what is to follow is not nonsense but rather a provocative operation.
February 25, 2015

A sneak peek at 529 Broadway’s terra cotta contour panels


The currently under construction 529 Broadway is a highly anticipated building, in large part because of the design’s site-specific approach to material and form. Using state-of-the-art modeling software, the design team conceived a facade system that transforms a seemingly punched opening masonry building into a glass curtain wall building. More specifically, the terra cotta elements on the Spring Street elevation will twist and dematerialize so that the facade culminates in a loft-like expression on Broadway, reflecting the openness ratio of later cast iron buildings in the district.

This boundary-pushing project is the result of a close collaboration between BKSK, digital modeling specialist Parabox, facade engineering consultant Front Inc, and several terra cotta manufacturers. Learn more about our design for 529 Broadway here.

February 24, 2015

100 sites, 5 boroughs, and countless female builders

The Brooklyn Bridge, whose lead engineers received significant support from Emily Warren Roebling. Photgraphed by Libby Farley.

Engineers of the Brooklyn Bridge were guided in many ways by Emily Warren Roebling. Photgraphed by Libby Farley.

This past December, the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF) announced the winners of its inaugural Built by Women New York City (BxW NYC) competition, which aims to bring greater visibility to the role of women in our city’s built environment. Through this competition, a jury selected 100 outstanding structures and environments that were crafted by teams led by women in architecture, landscape, engineering, and construction. Read more

February 16, 2015

On March 16th, join #BKSKatWork with Rosa Sheng


On March 16th, we will be co-hosting an online Twitter Chat with Rosa Sheng, the founding chair of AIA San Francisco’s Missing 32% Project, the incubator for the larger Equity by Design initiative (EQxD). From 3-4pm eastern, we’ll chat  with Rosa about job satisfaction and talent retention within the architecture profession, with additional emphasis on the importance of early stage career development in improving satisfaction, at both individual and industry-wide scales.

Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #BKSKatWork. You can also simply open a browser and watch the chat unfold here.

February 12, 2015

Jenniece Centrella promoted to Senior Project Manager


In recognition of her ongoing leadership and valuable contributions to BKSK Architects, Jenniece Centrella LEEP AP has been promoted to the position of Senior Project Manager.

Over her many years with the firm, Jenniece’s contributions have resulted in the success of projects as diverse as Mamaroneck Public Library and the currently-under-construction 2 Lafayette Street. Please join us in thanking and congratulating our dynamic, committed, and talented colleague!

February 6, 2015

New York YIMBY reveals the new look of 509 West 38th


After the New York Post profiled interior designer Ken Fulk, with whom we’re collaborating on the design of 509 West 38th Street, the development news website New York YIMBY was quick to recognize that the project’s latest and greatest renderings were tucked into the story.

Be sure to check out New York YIMBY’s coverage here, and stay tuned for further updates on this exciting tower adjacent to Hudson Yards. To ensure receipt of new information about the project’s design as it becomes available, please email bkskinfo@bksk.com.

February 5, 2015

Gliding through winter: Exploring the boroughs by skate

The rink at Manhattan's Riverbank State Park stays open through March.

The rink at Manhattan’s Riverbank State Park stays open through March.

The spate of recent snowfalls reminds us that winter is far from over. Sometimes, treacherous footing at almost every corner can be a strong disincentive to be out and about, but skating can be the antidote to this seasonal inactivity! We can step into a world where the sudden loss of friction due to ice is … exhilarating. Here, we describe some of the boroughs’ skating options – wonderful and adaptable public spaces – where we can stay outside while being socially and physically active. Read more

February 3, 2015

Sacred Heart featured in Metal Architecture’s latest issue


Metal Architecture’s February issue features the Convent of the Sacred Heart’s recently completed Athletics and Wellness Center, in an article entitled “Steel joins school gym design.”

The exterior of the Athletics and Wellness Center presents a dynamic combination of brick recesses, projections, corbeling, and wall thickness, which are complemented by painted steel accents that enhance the center’s neighborhood-appropriate scale. The building’s steel entry canopy and 10-foot-tall balanced doors are also highlighted in the article.

Inside, the project includes an extensive program, with both a competition-sized swimming pool and an NCAA regulation-sized volleyball and basketball court. A striking truss system was one of many design approaches devised to ensure that both facilities could be included and fully structurally supported. Uniquely, these trusses comprise 93% recycled content; the top and bottom chords are T-shaped members, created by cutting standard W sections lengthwise.

Learn more about the project here.

February 2, 2015

BKSK selected to lead two sessions at Living Future 2015


This April, BKSK will once again be presenting at the annual Living Future unConference. This year’s unConference will be held in Seattle and occur between April 1-3, 2015.

On April 2nd, Sustainable Design Director Jennifer Preston will moderate a session entitled “Community, Culture, and Place: Empathy + Mindful Design in Practice,” with speakers that include a Zen priest, a cultural ecologist, and some curious architects, including BKSK’s own James Wilson. The session is based around a series of inward-focused mindfulness exercises that will inform an outward-focused ethnographic workshop. Through this session, participants will develop improved mindfulness and embodied empathy skills that can then inform their design practice.

Later that same day, Jennifer will co-host the “Creating the Exquisite through Natural Inspiration 2.0″ workshop, in an encore appearance with FXFOWLE’s Ilana Judah. Get a sense for what this workshop entails by reading Jennifer’s reflections on last year’s unConference.